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Tony Hall’s humbling fast is just like him

RELEVANT MAGAZINE – Tony Hall – April 18, 2011 (OP-ED)
A Christian Budget? Pt. 1

NPR, WEEKEND EDITION SUNDAY – Pam Fessler – April 17, 2011 (AUDIO)
Ex-Congressman Fasts To Protest Budget Cuts

DAYTON DAILY NEWS – Joanne Huist Smith – April 15, 2011
Former Dayton-area congressman Hall concerned for food programs

WDTN – DAYTON, OH – April 15, 2011
Tony Hall calls on Congress to save programs that aid the poor

NATIONAL BUDGET: Reader encourages fasting protest

CHRISTIAN POST – Ambassador Tony Hall – April 15, 2011 (OP-ED)
Fasting, Budget Cuts and National Humiliation

HUFFINGTON POST – Ambassador Tony Hall – April 15, 2011
Fasting, Budget Cuts and National Humiliation

WDTN - DAYTON, OH – April 15, 2011 (VIDEO)
5 Things you need to know: 4/15/11

USA TODAY – April 14, 2011
Why Moby is going hungry

THE WEEKLY STANDARD – Michael Warren – April 14, 2011
Democratic Congresswomen Fast to Protest Budget Cuts

THE CHRISTIAN CENTURY - Richard Yeakley – April 14, 2011
Budget foes, unsatisfied, to continue fast through Easter

HUFFINGTON POST - Rabbi Steve Guttow - ‎April 14, 2011
Doing What We Can: Anti-Hunger Seders All Across America

AFP NEWSWIRE - April 14, 2011
14 US lawmakers fast to protest cuts

Fourteen Women Members of Congress Fast Against Budget Cuts to Poverty and Hunger Programs This Week

ARTISTDIRECT.COM - Amy Sciarretto - April 14, 2011
Moby Partners With, Protests Budget Cuts For the Poor

CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER - Stephen Koff – April 14, 2011
Ohio Democrats (and some Republicans) in Congress finding a lot to dislike in shutdown deal

MASSACHUSETTS DAILY COLLEGIAN – Editorial Board – April 14, 2011
Budget cuts deeper into the wounds of the suffering

HUFFINGTON POST – Richard Yeakley (RNS) – April 13, 2011
Budget Foes To Continue Fast Through Easter

BELIEFNET.COM – Richard Yeakley (RNS)– April 13, 2011
Budget Foes, Unsatisfied, to Continue Fast through Easter

THINK PROGRESS - Tanya Somanader – April 13, 2011
14 Democratic Congresswomen Will Fast To Protest Against Budget Cuts For Hungry Women And Children

HUFFINGTON POST – Lisa Sharon Harper – April 13, 2011
The Ryan Plan: A Declaration of War on the Poor

THE NATION – Allison Kilkenny  – April 13, 2011
Moby Joins Budget Fast

FOX NEWS – Jonathan Morris – April 12, 2011
How Did Most of the Media Miss Nancy Pelosi’s Political Sermon On the Budget?

THE HILL - Eric Wasson - April 11, 2011
Anti-poverty activists continue fast to oppose spending-cut deal

TOLEDO BLADE - Blade Staff - April 11, 2011
27 fast to show support for America’s poor

DAYTON DAILY NEWS - Betsy Keyes - April 11, 2011 (LETTER TO THE EDITOR)
Budget cuts shouldn’t target the most vulnerable

DAYTON DAILY NEWS - Maryellen Fargey - April 11, 2011 (LETTER TO THE EDITOR)
We shouldn’t abandon those who suffer

DAYTON DAILY NEWS - Glen A. Bengson - April 11, 2011 (LETTER TO THE EDITOR)
Budgets Produce Real Consequences

THE NATION - Allison Kilkenny - April 9, 2011
Congress Representatives Join Fast Opposing Cuts

TIME, SWAMPLAND BLOG - Amy Sullivan - April 8, 2011
28 Members of Congress Join Fast to Protest Budget Cuts

THE CHRISTIAN POST - Wesley Ernst - April 8, 2011
Congressmen, Christians on Hunger Fast for ‘Moral Budget’

HUFFINGTON POST - Jim Wallis - April 8, 2011 (OP-ED)
The Spiritually Viral Hunger Fast

CITY LIMITS - Heidi Hynes - April 8, 2011 (OP-ED)
Why I’m Fasting to Protest Budget Cuts

CNN, SITUATION ROOM / BELIEF BLOG - Laura Klairmont - April 7, 2011 (VIDEO)
Hunger fast grows on Capitol Hill

CNN, POLITICAL TICKER - Laura Klairmont - April 7, 2011
Members of Congress join fast protesting proposed budget cuts

CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER - Sabrina Eaton - April 7, 2011
Reps. Marcia Fudge and Marcy Kaptur join fast by former ambassador Tony Hall

Reps. Barbara Lee, Mike Honda, Sam Farr join hunger fast to protest budget cuts

THE AMERICAN PROSPECT – Monica Potts – April 6, 2011
Where Are Religious Conservatives When You Need Them?

NPR, TELL ME MORE – Michel Martin – April 6, 2011 (AUDIO)
Minister Goes On Fast To Protest Budget Cuts

ROLL CALL - Abreen Ali – April 5, 2011
Activists Ask Pelosi to Halt Budget Cut

C-SPAN – April 4, 2011 (VIDEO)
Rep. Jim McGovern Speaks out about Hunger Fast and Proposed Cuts on House Floor

THE BLAZE - Jonathon M. Seidl - April 4, 2011
‘It’s Time to Unleash God’: Jim Wallis & Co. Go on ‘Hunger Fast’ to Stop Budget Cuts

RELIGION DISPATCHES - Sarah Posner – April 4, 2011
Fasting and Faithy Friends of Convenience

WASHINGTON POST - Cathleen Falsani - April 2, 2011
Fasting and prayer as protest

THE NATION - Allison Kilkenny – April 2, 2011
2011 Budget Cuts: A Matter Of Life And Death

HUFFINGTON POST – Sam Stein - April 2, 2011
Progressive And Labor Leaders To Fast In Protest Of Budget Cuts

CNN POLITICAL TICKER - Laura Klairmont - ‎April 1, 2011
Thousands join fast to protest proposed budget cuts

WASHINGTON POST, ON FAITH - Katherine Marshall - ‎Mar 31, 2011‎
A hunger to serve the poor

BALTIMORE SUN - Ritu Sharma - ‎Mar 31, 2011‎ (OP-ED)
Punishing the hungry to shrink the deficit

NEW YORK TIMES, OPINIONATOR - ‎Mark Bitman - Mar 30, 2011‎
More on Budget Cuts, Hunger and Poverty

NEWSER - Kevin Spak - ‎Mar 30, 2011‎
Why I Joined the Budget Protest Fast

THE NATION - Allison Kilkenny - ‎Mar 30, 2011‎
Fasting to Oppose Budget Cuts

VOICE OF AMERICA – Steve Baragona - Mar 30, 2011
Anti-Hunger Advocates Fast to Protest US Budget Cuts

MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER - Clay Waters - ‎Mar 30, 2011
NY Times Food Writer Mark Bittman: People Will ‘Starve to Death’ Under House …

NEW YORK TIMES, OPINIONATOR – Mark Bittman - Mar 29, 2011
Why We’re Fasting

COLUMBUS DISPATCH - Jack Torry - ‎Mar 29, 2011‎
Former Ohio congressman fasts to protest cut in foreign food aid

DAYTON DAILY NEWS - Jack Torry - ‎Mar 29, 2011‎
Ex-rep, Tony Hall, fasts to spotlight hunger issue

BELIEFNET - ‎Cathleen Falsani - Mar 29, 2011‎
Feature: Fasting and Praying for the Poor

NEWSER- Kevin Spak - ‎Mar 29, 2011‎
Hunger Activists Starve to Stave Off GOP Budget Cuts

HUFFINGTON POST - ‎Lucia Graves - Mar 28, 2011‎
Religious Leaders Go On Hunger Strike Over GOP Budget Cuts

CNN, BELIEF BLOG - Eric Marrapodi - ‎Mar 28, 2011‎
Hunger strike aims at congressional cuts

Anti-Hunger Leaders Fast To Protest Proposed Spending Cuts As FY11 Budget …

AJWS President Joins Fast to Challenge Congress’s Proposed Food Aid Cuts

Prayer and Fasting Campaign on Budget Cuts

CHRISTIAN CENTURY - Cathleen Falsani - ‎Mar 28, 2011‎
Fasting and praying for the poor

Coalition of Faith and Other Leaders Announce Circle of Protection around …

DES MOINES REGISTER - Philip Brasher - ‎Mar 28, 2011‎
Anti-hunger advocates begin fast to stop aid cuts

TIME, SWAMPLAND BLOG - Amy Sullivan - Mar 28, 2011
Religious Leaders Launch Fast to Protest Budget Cut

Hunger strike aims at congressional cuts

HUFFINGTON POST - Jim Wallis - March 28, 2011
10 Reasons Why I’m Fasting for a Better Budget

JEWCY.COM - ‎Mar 28, 2011‎
Yom Kippur Comes Early For AJWS

THE HILL - Erik Wasson - ‎Mar 27, 2011‎
Fast to begin Monday to protest proposed GOP budget cuts

ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION - Jamie Dupree - ‎Mar 27, 2011‎
The Budget Fault

HUFFINGTON POST - Jim Wallis - ‎Mar 25, 2011‎ (OP-ED)
Pray, Fast, Act: Spiritual Escalation in Response to Political Extremism

DES MOINES REGISTER - Philip Brasher– March 22, 2011
Food prize laureate plans fast over budget

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